Sage Daniels: 219 Filmini

219 Filmini
Nome d'Arte:Sage Daniels
Professione:Porn Star
Razza:Caucasian - American
Colore degli occhi:Brown
Colore dei capelli:Black
Pene: Circoncisione
Peli del corpo:Smooth
Ruolo Sessuale:Flessibile
Extra:Sage Daniels is a delicious brunette who's made his name on the bareback circuit - and he's certainly chalked up a huge number of movies. But his good looks and sexual abilities have also seen him cross over to conventional porn. As well as having his ass fucked - and fucking ass - Sage says he enjoys movies, playing football, soccer, softball and basketball. A college graduate born under the sign of Pisces, he comes from Tucson, Arizona.